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igrafix_andersen_tripodi_sml.jpgPictured Left - Agreement: Phillip Andersen (l) and Joe Tripodi launching the partnership programme between WorkCover and Printing Industries

The anticipated partnership programme between WorkCover and Printing Industries was launched last week and will target key areas such as injury management and workplace consultation to assist businesses to deliver sustainable occupational health and safety outcomes.

The 12 month partnership will include tailored workshops and advisory visits by WorkCover staff to businesses in the printing industry and will include around than 1500 printing businesses throughout NSW.

Finance Minister, Joe Tripodi said, “The aim of the programme is to help printing businesses achieve greater workplace safety results, improved risk assessment and better injury management through the delivery of practical information as well as the development of a occupational health and safety Resource Centre on PIAA’s web site.”

Meanwhile, Philip Andersen, CEO of Printing Industries said the partnership – which was launched at Bright Print in Wetherill Park – was a very important step in assisting business sustainability.

Andersen said, “I commend WorkCover on its foresight in wanting to work with industry to identify and minimise safety issue risks. That’s in everyone’s best interests. It’s smart business for companies and for the government.”

He continues, “Our industry is facing many challenges ranging from perceptions about its environmental credentials and ability to attract talented young people, to keeping pace with technological change and coping with the global economic crisis. This partnership will help answer some of those challenges.”