BPG Initiates Company Wide Training
in Competitive Manufacturing

Company wide training – Quest to be the Best Certification – otherwise known as Certificate III and IV in Competitive Manufacturing

In 2009, all employees within the Bright Print Group (currently around 100) will be embarking on a nationally qualified training programme known as Certificate III or IV in Competitive Manufacturing. The objective of the training is to enable all employees to learn about, and work within a framework of lean manufacturing principles.

The programme will commence with a company wide diagnostic that will look at the following:

  • Improvement opportunities
  • Development of SMART goals
  • Determination of suitable training projects
  • Performance review targets
  • Change Management Plan

The Certification course comprises the following modules:

  • MSACMS200A – Apply Competitive Manufacturing Practices
  • MSACMC210A – Manage the impact of change on own work
  • MSACMT430A – Improve cost factors to work practices
  • MSAPMSUP390A – Use structured problem solving tools
  • MSACM451A – Mistake Proof a Production process
  • MSACMT482A – Assist in implementing a proactive maintenance strategy
  • MSACMT240A Apply 5S Procedures in a Manufacturing Environment
  • MSACMS201A – Sustain Process Improvements

The Bright Print Group is committed to a culture of continuous improvement and outstanding service and product deliverables to our clients. The investing of significant time and resources in the conducting of this organization wide training, is further proof of our commitment to achieving best practice across all disciplines.

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