Maximum Impact

With so much choice and a barrage of images fighting for the consumer’s attention, packaging and point of sale is the hook that helps make the decision to buy or move on. Innovative construction and vibrant design can drive a consumer to act on the impulse to buy.
We have plenty of experience navigating the sometimes tricky terrain of paper construction and engineering. Just like most objects, 3D or 2D point of sale needs to withstand the bump and tussle of a physical retail environment suiting the purpose for which it was meant.

Co-ordinated Design

Our design team is experienced in creating all manner of sturdy, practical packaging and POS for long term or short term campaigns. The BPG sales team work in conjunction with clients. They understand the goal and context of a piece and can advise the best way to go about producing projects with impact that will hold a dynamic place amongst the competition.

Some examples of the kind of work we do:


Expert Engineering

Packaging needs to reflect and suit the kind of item it will contain. We have produced a variety of boxes, display cases and cartons for products such as cosmetics, the beverage market and high end consumer electronics.
Premium finishes and embellishments have featured on a number of these projects creating a luxury look in line with each product’s brand identity.
At the same time we can design and create as effective a piece for a charity collection box or community based project that needs to meet a budget and be sensitive to its purpose.
We also bring an environmentally aware ethic to our design. Projects are assessed so that the item being considered is constructed with its eventual disposal and the impact that has in mind.

POS is created with the same targeted approach – we have produced many campaigns with elements such as die-cut hanging mobiles, posters, header cards, standees and wobblers.
As innovative aspects of packaging and point of sale become available we add them to our repertoire so our clients are able to utilise their marketing budget in the most effective way.

Precise Production

We have specialised in-line gluing equipment specifically for packaging and carton manufacture plus the ability to do a wide variety of in-house embellishments that add punch and make an impact.
A comprehensive hand finishing/bindery section is also available for unusual or challenging assembly.

A number of the packaging or POS projects we do also require kitting and distribution. This can range from a local area campaign to nation-wide or international deliveries.

We enjoy a challenge and the prospect of engineering interesting and dynamic packaging or POS so
if you would like any more information about our Packaging or POS capabilities please
Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone us on (02) 9757 3000