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What is multi-channel marketing?



Multi-Channel marketing simply refers to sending out a message utilising more than one communication channel. With so many touch-points available to marketers it is important that the strengths and weaknesses of each communication channel are understood. The major channels are:



  1. Printed collateral – direct mail pieces, flyers, catalogues

  2. Out of home – Billboards, electronic signboards


  1. Internet – Email, Website, Blog

  2. Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Communication happens on so many levels. We know the power of print however we also understand the value of a multi-pronged approach. In an age where the dominant question seems to be traditional vs digital maybe traditional spices up digital is the way to consider tackling a campaign. It’s a well-documented fact that people respond to information in different ways. Knowing how to capture that attention is the key.


For example Email newsletters are a valuable way of providing information and meaningful content to your clients. Used in conjunction with printed direct mail pieces for instance, a campaign can be consolidated driving conversion, retention and increased sales. 94% of all multi-channel campaigns will use the element of print and 56% of people regard print as the most trustworthy of media channels.1 So a mix of both keeps a wider range of consumers engaged with the product or service you are trying to sell.


In the latest Australia Post research paper ‘Better Connections: Mail continues to deliver’ (Dec 2014) there is significant evidence to support the veracity of addressed and unaddressed printed mail.


The figures bear out the fact there are certain types of mail that people prefer to receive in a physical format and others as a digital communication. Across all sectors over half of the people who received mail read it. This compares with a 19.72% email open rate for MailChimp in regard to insurance emails or 25.69% for a government email.2 The report also points out that relatively low levels of mail sent (9-51%) enjoy a high level of engagement (52-92%). As an uncluttered channel utilising a tactile and sensory medium such as print the opportunities are countless. A crucial ability is to test and recognise the best mix for your client or the industry you are targeting.


Over the last few years BPG have invested in online capabilities that offer possibilities aside from the traditional print scope. Our online system is designed so the client can use what suits their purpose. Multi-Channel opportunities give a few directions to pursue in conjunction with print such as:


  • email newsletters and broadcasts

  • dynamic mailing list management

  • database publishing

  • Apps

Logos, images and design elements are stored in our digital asset management module and used or repurposed according to your needs – a clear view across your entire digital library is available for file sharing, editing and monitoring the history of your campaigns. Files are not limited to static graphics – audio and video files can also be stored and used in the library. Information can be synchronised across channels so messaging is consistent or used strategically to contact a specific demographic using a specific medium.


We’ve worked with clients on projects where vital information needed to be distributed to their entire client base so the natural assumption was to launch a digital campaign. However, the consideration to be made was their customer base largely worked in industries or positions where a digital communication was not going to be received, opened or necessarily paid attention.


Our simple but effective solution was to divide the data in to those clients that were likely to respond to an email and those that would prefer to receive printed collateral. The message did hit the target and demonstrated the importance of knowing your audience and how to reach them.

If you would like any more information about our Multi-channel Marketing capabilities please

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1 www.valueofpaperandprint.com.au

2 auspost.com.au/betterconnections

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