Our latest addition…

We now have in-house PUR binding! This valuable capability sets us apart from most other Sydney printers. Installing a state of the art PUR Binder means:
    •    Greater control over quality because we complete the process in-house.
    •    A reduction in lead-time as jobs don’t need to be transported to third party suppliers.
    •    Further minimisation of our carbon footprint due to merely moving a job across the factory floor rather than the greater metropolitan area.
    •    Competitive rates.

 One of the most important parts of a job is finishing it well. BPG’s bindery and finishing services are designed to make sure our client’s projects make an impact:
    •    Die-cutting
    •    Foiling
    •    Emboss/Deboss
    •    Saddle stitching
    •    Padding
    •    Drilling
    •    Collation
    •    Hand-sewn binding
    •    Bespoke hand assembly
    •    Kitting & Distribution

Environmental Considerations

At BPG we monitor the environmental impacts of our processes and actions throughout the entire business. In our bindery and finishing area, this means:
    •    All paper/board offcuts generated are recycled.
    •    Glues used are non-volatile compounds.
    •    All plastics entering the factory (via pallet wrapping etc.) are collected and separated in to cages for collection and recycling.
    •    Packaging of product is kept to a practical minimum to ensure unspoilt delivery of jobs to our clients.
    •    Company owned trucks and vans are serviced and maintained on a regular basis to ensure minimum emissions.

If you have any questions about our bindery and finishing services:
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Call us - (02) 9757 3000