BPG for Superior Sydney Printing Services

Since its inception in 1962, Sydney printing company BPG has been driven by a desire to offer clients an exceptional range of superior printing services. From our purpose built printing facility at Wetherill Park in Southwestern Sydney, printing services are provided to printing clients in Sydney, NSW and throughout Australia. We provide the full complement of printing and related services, including:

We over 100 employees, an award-winning eco friendly ethos and decades of experience in providing printing services to clients throughout greater Sydney, printing to consistently high standards is what we do every day.

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Summary of Printing Sydney Services

Skilled printing service team.
Online print ordering capabilities.

Professional graphic design and typesetting services.

Complete digital prepress facility.
Skilled colour matching and reproduction.

Powerful and flexible printing capabilities. 

Award winning standards of print excellence.

All digital printing services including print personalisation and data management. 

Binding and finishing of digital printing.

Extensive range of bindery and finishing services.
Hand assembly services available.
Finishing, embellishing, diecutting and other specialty printing services.

Local or national print distribution.
Sophisticated data management systems.

Print, warehouse and deliver to you as required.
Manage your printed stock from your own desktop.

Full print management services.

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BPG Printing Sydney Services in Detail

Graphic Design

We have a team of full-time, highly acclaimed and qualified graphic designers, expert in the specialist area of design for printing. Project capabilities range from small scale logo design to complex integrated printed branding and marketing concepts. Our graphic designers have proven success in the production of exciting printed visual creations.

Simple requirements, such as text changes or logo updates to printed documents are handled on a daily basis. We can also provide advice as to the suitability of an existing design for print reproduction.

Good graphic design makes the most of printing resources and materials. The mandate of our graphic design team is to offer our printing clients advice and services that allow them to gain maximum utility from the printed product through appropriately designed artwork.

Prepress and Planning

The Bright Print Group has a complete digital prepress facility which encompasses digital file transfer, digital proofing and computer-to-plate technology. All prepress staff have extensive knowledge within the Sydney printing services industry and are available for consultation at any stage of the pre-production process.

The benefits of utilizing the services of the BPG prepress team include:

  • Access to some of the printing industry’s most respected prepress tradespeople
  • Comprehensive digital prepress technology
  • CIP3 data transfer to fully calibrated printing presses
  • High end image retouching and manipulation
  • Printing File correction and troubleshooting
  • File conversion and imposition
  • Superior technical prepress support and training available

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Printing Services Sydney

We can proudly boast a multiple award-winning Sydney printing production team, which has the benefit of working with the latest Komori printing equipment. Our printing equipment ranges from single colour Heidelberg printing presses through to our magnificent A1 10 colour Komori perfector printing press. Additional printing equipment that enables us to provide value added printing services includes:

  • Celloglazing
  • UV and aqueous varnishing
  • Flat-bed diecutter

Having received numerous accolades over the years for the quality of our printing services, we are often relied upon to produce significant printed publications for prestigious events or high profile corporations. Our ability to create a finely printed piece is possible by the use of superior printing technology and proficient printing tradespeople.

Full printing press specifications can be found at Serious Printing Power.

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Bindery and Finishing

Our extensive range of bindery and finishing equipment ensures the correct finish is applied to your printed items. Our Finishing Department is able to accommodate many binding requirements and finishing techniques.

Capabilities include:

  • Case binding
  • Comb-binding
  • Wire-o-binding
  • Saddle stitching
  • Burst binding
  • Perfect binding
  • Section sewing
  • Padding
  • Stapling
  • Drilling
  • Hand sewing
  • Collating

We are often called upon to produce intricately finished printed items which require a combination of hand work and difficult finishing techniques. These may include complex folds or multi piece productions with insertions, glueing and assembly.

All printed goods are packaging to client specifications using environmentally friendly plastic wrap, or paper if requested. Printed Packaging can be split into required lots for dispatch to multiple destinations.

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Digital Printing Sydney

The fastest growing medium for printing production is digital printing. Our corporate group would not be complete in today’s market without being able to offer digital and variable data printing.

The opportunities for digital and variable data printing are endless when combined with lithographic printing. The efficiency of digital printing ensures that only the required quantity of printed material need be produced, eliminating the carrying costs of obsolete inventory.

The flexibility of digital printing also allows for the economical production of small quantity print runs and personalization of printed items for greater marketing impact. When combined with database management, powerful printed direct mailing pieces can be produced.

Capabilities of digital printing include:

  • Short run books/manuals
  • Price lists/catalogues
  • Personalised letters/reports
  • Multi-piece marketing

Our IT capabilities enable us to handle your printing files competently and to convert any data to a form usable by our printing technology. Services include data and document merge, DPID barcoding, merging of database and host files, as well as database warehousing. All supplied data is treated with the strictest of confidence in line with our Privacy Policy and relevant Government Acts.

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Mailing and Database Management

Our digital printing department extends to the delivery of mailing services. Our clients only need supply us with their existing database, which may have been created within any software package, or upon any platform, MAC of PC, for conversion by our experienced IT staff.

Automatic inserters and plastic wrappers make bulk mailing projects a seamless exercise. Print distribution services extend nationally and beyond. We will manage all facets of print distribution including lodgement with Australia Post.

Printing Inventory Management

Of our 7500m2 printing facility at Wetherill Park, over 1500m2 is dedicated to print warehousing and management of printed client inventory. All inventoried items are catalogued within our MIS with live reporting available internally and also online.

Your account manager is responsible for compiling and monitoring print inventory reports to ensure efficient management of your inventoried items. Our MIS however, enables all items to be allocated minimum printing order levels and other critical information which when breached is relayed back to the account manager for action.

Our ability to store and manage crucial printed inventoried items, enables our clients to divest themselves of allocating space and resources to this vital, yet often poorly managed aspect of its operations. Our online tracking and stock control facilities enables clients to monitor via their computer, all information pertaining to their printed items for better planning.

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Online Printing Stock Control and Ordering

An online printing order system is available to our clients for the purposes of placing and tracking printed stock orders. The system also allows for the generation of artwork for personalized stationery such as business cards and letterheads. This artwork is then converted to a PDF which is sent automatically to our prepress department upon approval.

A number of online reports are available for clients to view. These reports include:

  • Printed stock on hand
  • Printed stock transactions
  • Outstanding orders

Considerable benefits accrue to our clients who avail themselves of our printing storage facilities. We can accept a large range of inventory items in addition to printed product (size permitting). It is not uncommon for us to hold items such as corporate clothing, umbrellas and signage in addition to printed product.

Our premises has 24/7 security including surveillance cameras and back to base monitoring.

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