The ability to produce complex print assignments comes from the amalgamation of a number of crucial attributes. The old adage "experience can't be bought" rings true, when only printing industry experience can provide the solutions to complex print assignments. Other crucial attributes include an expert team of skilled and knowledgeable employees, utilisation of sophisticated technology, attention to detail, and the ability to plan and envisage the evolution of the print assignment through the entire production process.

Some examples of complex print assignments:

  • Multi-piece marketing campaigns
  • Specialised print finishes across multiple substrates
  • Metallic duotones, tritones, quadtones
  • Reproduction of intricate design specifications
  • Complex multiple spot colour jobs
  • Multi-part section sewn hard cover books
  • Hand assembled packaging with inserts, string and other parts
  • Critical colour matching for product charts

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Years of Printing Experience

Since 1962, the Bright Print Group, originating as W R Bright & Sons, has served the needs of a diverse range of clients looking for quality print services.

Our operations have grown from a small garage at Fairfield, in Sydney's west, to an 8000m2 purpose built facility at Wetherill Park.

Along the way, we have accumulated a vast base of printing industry experience and plenty of accolades from both within and outside the printing industry.

A Stable and Experienced Printing Team

Our employees don’t come and go. They stay loyal to the Bright Print ethos and on a daily basis contribute enormously to our success. The average tenure of employment amongst our team is 7 years. A very commendable example of the loyalty of our staff, and the organisation's long term commitment to its clients and employees.

The experience and stability of our team, allows us to be innovative and to take on projects others simply would not dare. Each and every day, we draw on our combined experience to produce high quality printing and communication pieces. Printing is not a commodity, it is a tailored product that requires skill and patience to produce. Skill can only be gained through experience, and doing the hard slog!

The Art of Printing Still Prevails

To produce a high quality printed item, one can not take shortcuts. The art of printing still prevails. Skilled tradespeople are still required to put the final touches to client files, through highly technical prepress work. This foundation then paves the way for high quality reproduction on the printing presses. Indeed, careful planning also ensures correct binding and finishing. A high quality printed job doesn't happen by chance, it takes meticulous planning, problem identification and detailed communication throughout the production process to eventuate.

Our printing industry experience gives us the knowledge we need to support our commitment to ever increasing excellence in our printed product. Our commitment to delivering a superior custom printing service to our clients keeps us finely tuned and responsive on a daily basis.

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Why Choose the Bright Print Group for your Challenging Print Project?

It is not uncommon for other organizations, both within and outside the printing industry to ask "What is the key to Bright Print Group's success?". It is that our team works collaboratively to ensure a superior outcome. From our dedicated Account Managers, through to our committed Bindery and Finishing area, and every other department in between, Bright Print really does pave the way for excellence. Communication, thorough planning and well thought-out execution, ensure your printed requirements are delivered to your satisfaction.

We'd be pleased to help you with your challenging printing project...
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