Bright Print Group is the 21st printer in Australia to be certified to the rigorous Mellow Colour standard. More importantly though, we are a member of the exclusive 100 Club.
To achieve 100 Club membership, you need to not only be certified, but also to ensure your systems and procedures achieve 100% accuracy for colour replication when independently audited.  Of the 21 certified printers in Australia only 14 are members of the Global 100 Club.

Bright Print Group have held ISO 12647-2 colour standard for a number of years. Our commitment to the Mellow Colour system increases the rigour around our systems and standards and provides our clients with a guarantee of our commitment to 100% colour accuracy within the system parameters. Brand Managers and Agencies can be confident of our colour reproduction capabilities.

Mellow Colour is globally recognised as the premium colour certification standard. The ISO 12647-2 procedures are written into our integrated management system which also comprises the
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards. The procedures for ISO 12647-2 are audited every 6 months to ensure 100% accuracy is maintained across our production system.

What does it mean for our clients in real terms?
    •    It gives them and their agencies peace of mind knowing that brand guidelines will be adhered to.
    •    100% accuracy to proofs for colour replication time and time again.
    •    Reportable and thoroughly tested  colour analysis
    •    An assurance of an excellent result on every print run.
    •    Ability to have global campaigns printed throughout the world with the same colour consistency when 100 Club printers are selected.

Below is an example of the level of analysis supplied by the Mellow Colour PrintSpec Summary

Being 21! Our Mellow Colour certificate

ISO Certificate FEB19