On Friday, 3rd June, 2011, Debbie Burgess, Director and John Polley, Business Development Manager, attended the 2011 Recognition Event of the Sustainability Advantage program. The event was held at Doltone House, Pyrmont, Sydney.

Since 2008, BPG have participated in the Sustainability Advantage Program. A number of modules have been completed, which have provided BPG with the tools and knowledge to implement significant resource savings.

photo_silver_partner.jpgAs a result of our commitment to the Sustainability Advantage program, our externally verified resource savings, internal reporting regime, and current improvement initiatives, we were elevated to Silver Partner, Sustainability Advantage at the 2011 Recognition Event.

There are 530 members of the program throughout NSW. They represent a large diversity of industries ranging from agriculture, to energy, to lawyers, local councils and print services! Of the 530 members, only 24 members have achieved Silver Partnerhip, with 2 achieving Gold.

It is reported that Sustainability Advantage members are achieving ongoing savings from improved productivity and reductions in raw materials, energy, water and waste. Ongoing savings of $50 million a year include:

  • 92,000 megawatt hours of electricity
  • 470,000 gigajoules of gas
  • 3,360 megalitres of water
  • 80,000 tonnes of waste

For Bright Print Group our commitment has resulted in:

  • Sustainability practices fully integrated into externally audited IMS System
  • Over $150,000 invested in energy saving technology in the last 12 months
  • A reduction of 7% in electricity usage to date as well as corresponding GHG emissions
  • Significant staff training to Certificate III in Competitive Manufacturing to improve resource use and increase operational efficiencies
  • Reduction of 92% of water usage since 2007
  • 98% recycling rate for all manufacturing and non-manufacturing waste


If your organization is serious about making fundamental changes to achieve maximum resource efficiency and sustainability, then we would recommend to you, the Sustainability Advantage program. Further information can be obtained from