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Our Solutions

Whether it is print, whether it is packaging, or whether it is direct mail, we understand the importance of getting things right. Nothing can substitute for experience and commitment. Our integrated approach to all of your printed needs across a wide range of services ensures your requirements are getting the very best of attention at all times. From graphic design, digital printing, offset printing, binding and finishing, mailing and distribution, inventory management and print warehousing, we have a solution to meet all of your printed requirements.

Our Credentials

With a swag of gold medals to our name, from quality to environmental awards, you can be assured of receiving world-class products and services from BPG and NCP. With a history that spans back 4 generations, the team at BPG and NCP know print. This is backed up by independently audited accreditations. They know what works and they know how to achieve the very best outcome for your organization. For the BPG and NCP teams there are three “C”s of print, Consistency, Communication and Commitment.

Your Business

Like people, every business is different. We all have individual needs, expectations and goals. We know what works, we take the time to understand, and we ensure the services or products we provide are right for your business. For us print is not a commodity, it is an important source of value to your organization, a means of promotion that is tangible. Our experience ranges across all markets and industries, large and small corporations. From print to packaging to direct mail, we can tailor a print solution that will bring your business to life.

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With over 90 employees and decades of experience, the Bright Print Group leads the way for high quality printing, completed to your specifications, on-time and within budget. Outstanding among Printers Sydney and Printers in Newcastle, all of BPG's printed material is produced to the strictest standards of environmental compliance.


On a daily basis the Bright Print Group and NCP teams go above and beyond, to ensure our clients’ needs are exceeded. Close attention is paid to the most exacting specifications. We thrive on challenges and do not rest until we deliver to our clients the printed outcomes that they desire and deserve.

Direct Mail

If you'd like more information about BPG's Sydney printing services, or NCP's Newcastle printing services...
Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone us on (02) 9757 3000.