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One of the most Versatile Book Printing and Book Binding Services in Sydney

BPG offers one of Sydney's most versatile book printing and book binding services. Offering both offset printing and digital printing, and with a comprehensive bindery and finishing department, Bright Print Group can design, print, bind and even despatch your book to a mailing list.

There are several important factors to consider when you are about to have your book printed and bound. With the intended usage of your book in mind, you will need to select the type of stocks to be used and the type of binding. If you are interested in eco friendly options, you may like to visit our Eco Friendly Paper page. We are also happy to advise on other eco friendly printing options.

The number of copies required determines the most appropriate method of printing a book. If you require larger quantities of books printed, then the offset press will be most cost effective. Short run books may be more economical when digitally printed. Your Bright Print Group team will be happy to assist you in the wisest choices for your book printing and book binding requirements.

We'd be pleased to help you with advice about the printing and binding of your book...
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Hard Cover Books

Case Binding

If your book is intended for constant daily use and will be subjected to considerable wear and tear, then a hard case-bound cover will be required to ensure it lasts the distance. School diaries and textbooks are good examples of this.

Hard covers are also essential if the information is valuable and the books are intended to last for many years. Reference books, history books, genealogies and art books are normally bound with a hard cover. Valuable books also call for high quality archival stocks, to ensure the book will last for many years without discolouring and acid spots. Case bound books are section sewn, with the text being imposed into signatures and sewn with cotton. The endpapers are then glued into a cloth or vinyl covered hard cover, which may be printed, foiled or embossed. This is the strongest and most archivally stable book hard binding method available.

If you would like to discuss case binding and whether it is the best option for binding your book...
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Soft Cover Books

Perfect Binding and Burst Binding

Perfect binding has 3mm milled off the spine and the cover is glued on. It is suitable only for very light usage, and has the disadvantage that single pages may fall out with time.

Burst binding has notches or perforations in the spine which allows better penetration by the glue. There is another significant advantage in that the spine edge is not milled but perforated, leaving the signatures intact and reducing the possibility of pages tearing out. For these reasons the burst bound book has better strength and durability than the perfect bound book.

Perfect binding and burst binding present well but are not suitable for heavy wear usages. They are useful for quality periodicals, school yearbooks, light use catalogues and other types of general usage publications. They are normally used for publications of 64 pages or more.

PUR Binding

If your soft cover book is going to be very thick, or it needs to survive constant usage or extreme climatic conditions, it may require PUR binding. This process uses a special high tech adhesive called Polyurethane Reactive Adhesive. This process is the most expensive option of the three, but will provide a binding many times stronger than standard perfect binding.

Saddle Stitching (Stapling)

Saddle stitching, also known as stapling, is one of the most efficient small book binding methods available. It is fast, economical and ideal for smaller publications and booklets. The leaves are secured through the centre fold by wire staples, allowing the book to open flat. The number of pages that can be stitched depends on how thick the paper is, although as a general rule 48 pages is the maximum advisable number of pages for a saddle stitched book.

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Loose Bound Books


Wire binding is useful when heavy stock, odd items or a range of different stocks are required to be combined in a book. Because wire-o binding is durable and allows for full and flat opening and closing, it is useful for such printed items as calendars, samplers, colour cards, notebooks, prospecti, presentation books or unusual custom publications. The wire binding is available in a range of colours and metallic finishes to suit your needs.

Plastic Comb Binding

Comb binding is a convenient and inexpensive way of binding smaller, short-run books. Options include the addition of clear acetate covers and cardboard backing sheets to give a tidy finish.

Many options for your book printing and binding needs

Your book may require many copies or few. Depending on your needs we can advise you on the most cost effective method to achieve the result you want. The diversity of our capacities for book design, book printing and bookbinding makes us a one of the most versatile book binding companies in Sydney.

Some of the types of books we print are:

  • History Books
  • Special Interest Books
  • Catalogues and Price Lists
  • Manuals, Handbooks and Instruction Guides
  • Children's Books
  • Art Books
  • School Diaries and Yearbooks
  • Fiction and Non Fiction Books
  • Text or Reference Books

We'd be pleased to help you with the printing and binding of your book...
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