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The Bright Print Group - Sydney's Eco Friendly Printers

minimising_footprintOver the last few years, the Bright Print Group has shaped its organisation and systems to ensure environmentally friendly print production.

Initiatives Include:


The beginning and major milestone in our environmental achievements was accreditation to ISO14001 in 2008. This international accreditation acknowledges our commitment to environmentally sustainable printing and forms the foundation for continuous environmental practices which are the cornerstone of our company culture.

In 2008 and again in 2010, we were also awarded the NSW Printing Industry's Gold Medal for Environmental Initiatives.

We strongly believe for the printing industry as a whole to be a tenable and sustainable future alternative, a commitment is required from all parties to pursue Eco friendly practices and principles. Many of our clients select our organisation based on our environmental philosophy.

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The Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Printing

Historically, the printing industry has failed the environment through careless use of volatile chemicals, excessive water and electricity consumption, destructive timber milling practices through irresponsible paper manufacturing, and excessive toxic and general waste generation.

This is how the Bright Print Group is making a tangible difference:

  • Use of soy-based printing inks
  • Recommendation of recycled and FSC rated paper stocks
  • Installation of CTP technology
  • Water recirculation units
  • Elimination of high volatility and toxic chemicals
  • Use of only low volatility chemicals where necessary
  • Alcohol free printing presses
  • Recycling of outputs:
    - Printing plates and any other metals
    - Paper
    - Board
    - Plastics
    - Ink, toner and paper cartridges through Planet Ark
    - Press blankets
    - Bottles, cans and food containers
  • Recycling Service for printers' rags
  • Recycling Service for redundant computer parts and mobile phones

Through our environmental systems all our inputs and outputs are measured and benchmarked to ensure they meet strict Key Performance Indicators for environmentally friendly printing.

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Bright Print Group is FSC Certified

fsc_logo“FSC supports the conservation of our Forests
and helps people lead better lives.“
Anders Hagman, www.fsc.org 21/10/09

What does that mean? We have now been certified to the Forest Stewardship Council’s Chain of Custody by SGS, Australia’s leading FSC certification body. This certification is valid from 16th October, 2009 until 15th October, 2014.

This accreditation now allows Bright Print Group to offer our clients, printed products that are FSC certified, as long as they meet strict criteria. The primary criteria is to ensure that only FSC certified paper is used within the FSC certified product.

fsc_cert_bpg.jpgFor quite a few years now Bright Print Group has been using as our house grade, Novatech from Raleigh Paper, an FSC certified paper. There are however, a number of FSC stocks available (including recycled paper) and your account manager, or one of our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. would be happy to talk you through how your company can benefit from our FSC certification.

An FSC certified printed product, is a tangible way to show your clients and stakeholders your commitment to sustainable purchasing and support of well managed forestry practices.

To find out more about the valuable work of the Forest Stewardship Council go to www.fsc.org.

FSC Supplier Listing BP148
PDF: FSC Product Groups, Class and Types
PDF: FSC Vendor Application

Sustainability Advantage

sasilver.jpgThe Sustainability Advantage Programme is an initiative of the Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC). The programme involves the senior management of BPG working with environmental management experts from DECC to develop an action plan to enable our organization to identify and implement sustainable operational methods.

The Programme runs for 18 months and involves the personal commitment of all senior management, as well as a financial commitment from BPG. The Programme commences with a diagnostic of the company’s current sustainable practices and endeavours to identify at least 3 target areas for opportunity. In addition, the senior management team must undertake the completion of 4 Sustainabilty Advantage Modules aimed at improving our knowledge of areas such as:

  • Resource efficiency
  • Environmental risk and responsibility
  • Supply chain management
  • Staff engagement
  • Climate Change

Progress with regard to our involvement in the Programme must be reported back to the DECC via the participation in Cluster Meetings of other members, at least 3 times per year.

We believe that involvement in this programme is vital to BPG’s continued pursuit of superior, environmentally friendly and sustainable print production. Specific KPI’s will be developed around our action plans and incorporated into our monthly reporting requirements to compliment our existing targets under our environmental accreditation to ISO14001.

The programme will also assist in identifying areas of opportunity which will support our desire to reduce our GHG emissions through our association with Carbon Planet.

In 2011 we were awarded the coveted Silver Membership in recognition of our achievements under this program.

Sustainable Green Print - Level 3

sgp_level_3_ppc.gifIn 2009, we continued our quest to develop best practice in terms of our environmental policies and procedures. To this end we sought out and received certification to the Printing Industries Association of Australia's Sustainable Green Print.

BPG were the second company in Australia and first in NSW to to achieve this level of certification. The certification is printing industry specific and very rigorous in its reporting requirements of efficiency programs and waste streams in particular.


Progress towards Carbon Neutral Status

bpg_minimising_200px.jpgThe careful examination of our footprint extends to our desire to be carbon neutral through organic means. In 2008 we commissioned Carbon Planet to undertake a thorough study of our manufacturing process, including all inputs and outputs and to determine outcomes that would enable us to reduce our carbon emissions. We are now working through Carbon Planet's report and tackling the reduction of our carbon emissions with vigor. It is important to reduce or eliminate the source. Planting trees is one solution but it does not fix the problem of creating the carbon emissions in the first place. Many companies are content to hide behind the purchase of carbon credits. Bright Print wants to go one step further and reduce its carbon emissions methodically and responsibly. For more in-depth information about carbon management, carbon neutral status and carbon planet, please visit our Carbon Measured Printing page.

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