Porsche has found an interesting and tactile way to combine print and digital. They’ve used a print advertisement as the gateway to a ‘Star Wars’ like holographic experience. Kit Kat have also used the same method to great effect. This project is a really good example of mixing traditional and technological disciplines to engage consumers with that ‘delight and surprise’ element.

An advertisement for the new Porsche 911 in Fast Company demonstrates the attractiveness of a print magazine to create attention for a totally new online experience. The print ad drives readers to a 3D hologram on a tablet.

The print ad for Porsche contains an acetate sheet that can be folded to form a kind of prism. And when placing this prism on a tablet, that shows the content of a dedicated website, you will see a 3D hologram. This technology has been used before by KitKat in Japan, but is still not used frequently.

The special ad with the acetate sheet appeared in 50.000 copies of Fast Company and another 100.000 glass versions will be used in a direct mail piece. The agency developing the campaign, Cramer-Krasselt in the USA, wanted the readers to create a feeling of intrigue and curiosity via an innovative print ad. The effect is stunning, watch the video.

PORSCHE images

The next step for printers will be to print a hologram advertisement. Test are being done for security printing, that often use holograms. However taking this to a bigger size and printing at higher speeds has not yet been proven. Click here to see how a small home printer does the job.

Printing holograms remains a challenging task, but in the meantime the Porsche ad demonstrates the role print has in creating curiosity and awareness for the brand.

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