We are happy to share the news that our joint CEO, Debbie Burgess, has been nominated for the 2016 Women of the West Award.
This award is an initiative of the Western Sydney University which has honoured the achievements of amazing women since 2005 by acknowledging their significant contributions to the development of the region and its community.

Debbie is a Western Sydney woman who was nominated by Dr Kathryn Browning Carmo, an instrumental force in running NETS (Neo-natal Emergency Transport Service) and one of the many people who have shared in Debbie’s generosity. Not only is Debbie at the coal-face of Bright Print Group every day (one of Australia’s largest privately owned print groups), but she commits her “spare” time, energy and resources to helping make a difference in the lives of others.
Debbie is characteristically humbled by the honour of being nominated. She shared the following thoughts on her nomination:
“It is a surprise, an honour and privilege to have been nominated for the Women of the West Award. I do what I do simply out of a desire to help make the lives of others better. Where I can assist personally I do, where I can I fundraise, where I can employ I will, where I am able to connect others with those who can help, I do that too. If there is a need regardless of circumstance, I try to offer a solution or assistance. Life can be very lonely, difficult and painful – to be able to help make the smallest difference is a blessing.
My passion though is LIFE and in particular giving our most vulnerable the chance to live a fulfilling life. If I were successful, I would like to use this Award to highlight the brilliant work and yet the urgent needs of the Grace Ward at the Children’s Hospital and also the NETS (Neo-natal Emergency Transport Service) team. The Grace Ward functions predominantly on donations and the NETS service is fighting for its existence. I think many people in our community would be surprised to hear how delicately these vital services hang in the balance every day.”
The award is announced 18th March and we all have our fingers crossed!

Click here for more details about the award and nominees

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