Despite our interactivity globally and our obsession with anything internet, this very short impromptu clip starring my nephew, Evan Bright (potential 5th generation printer), reminded me of our love for mail and how empty the world will be once we have no reason to visit the mail box. My nephew’s anguish at “never getting mail” is heart-wrenching.

How do I explain to my nephew that soon, the only mail he will get is an impersonal email on his device, or text on his phone or a facebook message? He won’t be able to savour the moment of carefully prising open an envelope neatly addressed to himself as his heart-rate accelerates just that little bit higher in anticipation of what the envelope may contain.

How do I describe to him that initial almost unperceivable gasp as he gently removes the item from the envelope? And then of course, there is the quiet joy that will lift his mood as he commences to read through the contents.

How do I explain to him how the joy will then turn to a deliciously heart-warming feeling that will encompass his body as he contemplates the contents knowing that the sender has taken the time to show they care? He will in that instant know and feel secure and loved.

If it is a card celebrating a special event, he will proudly want to display it on a shelf, or cabinet, so that others can see it. If it is a letter he may choose to use a magnet and secure it to the fridge door so that the feeling of warmth can engulf him again and again each time he looks at it. If it is an invite, he can experience the pleasure of anticipation all over again, as he contemplates a joyous time in the future.
How do I explain what he may never experience?

There is nothing nicer than receiving an envelope in the mail simply because somebody cares. And simply because that somebody has taken the time to let you know that you are not a “nobody”.

So show those you love that you really do care and take the time to send mail!

Watch the Video here

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