Kit Campbell and her book 'The Irritable Brain Syndrome'

Thought equals feeling, feeling then affects being. This is one of the main premises of a book we recently printed for author Kit Campbell ‘The Irritable Brain Syndrome’.

Kit contacted us for a quote and so began an interesting journey that became more than just ‘doing another print job’.

Commuting between Tasmania and Brisbane, Kit is primarily a photographer and writer. Her background is interesting to say the least. She has worked with people such as Sir Cliff Richard, Sir Paul McCartney and Bob Marley. Throughout most of her life she suffered Crohn’s Disease. This is a debilitating condition that many people suffer with the prospect of no cure.

Kit however, in her inimitable style, decided she was not going to have any more operations or medication and was determined to put a stop to her illness. Her book details this adventure and the path she found to cure herself.

This was not a complex print job from a technical point of view; there were no spectacular embellishments or tricky diecuts. It is simply a digitally printed and PUR bound book. But the small A5 collection of paper pages has opened quite a few doors for Kit. Not only has interest been generated in non-traditional and alternative arenas but also within traditional medical circles.

As she made her way around Brisbane with her books in the boot of her car, she sold them to retailers such as Mary Ryan’s and the Queensland Relaxation Centre.  Along the way her book became like her business card, it was the physical manifestation of an indefatigable faith in her beliefs and a way of engaging with people on a tangible level.

Information and ideas are of course the driving force behind our culture and existence. Often we are driven to a website or Facebook page and yes, Kit has both of these things, but it was her pushing the actual book that led to several speaking engagements in Queensland and Tasmania, an interview with a US radio station and a guest blog with the ABC. The book has also generated heated discussion about the plausibility of her assertion that our thinking can control our physical wellbeing.

In the last few months, Kit’s books have found their way into Sydney bookstores such as Ariel and Aquarius Rising and the Theosophical bookshop in Melbourne. They have also travelled as far as Malaysia, Canada and the UK.

History has always been swayed, rewritten, positively encouraged or challenged by the written word. It is nice to see though, as technology strides forward, these ideas are not always found in the humming glow of a screen but still often within the crisp pages of a book.


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